Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Italian Spidermania


1. Capitano Maximum

2. Italian Spiderman contro Hench-Goons

3. Italian Spiderman contro Gino!

4. Giganti

5. Respetti Le Donne

6. Zombie Italian Spiderman

7. Italian Spiderman contro tutti quanti

8. Italian Spiderman nello spazio

9. Vs Robo-Italian Spiderma

10. Piccolo Italian Spiderman

I have to give a big thanks to Mr. Will Spartalis for linking to my fan art, and for the huge increase in traffic to my blog. It's just another random super power that Italian Spiderman has, ti ringrazio Italian Spiderman! Well, the increased traffic has led to someone commissioning me to do a Italian Spiderman cover for them. Problem is, they told me to do what ever I want. Which is akin to letting a starving dog into the butcher shop.

I have more cover ideas than I know what to do with. To be honest I have about a dozen more cover concepts that are still at the thumbnail stage, but I had to stop at some point. Here are some of my cover concept sketches, and I'm leaving it up to the masses on the internet to decide for me. You can make your suggestions in the comments section or vote in the poll.

1 comment:

Will Alrugo said...

jon you are the bomb. You are made of bombs. Bombs that explode with the tremendous force of pure pencil-sketched wonderballs. You make people feel good. ten four!

I love your pencils as much as I love your colours. Gino vs I.S. is about the best thing I've seen in a good few weeks, and even then, the last thing was GOD you've done well. Hit me with a goblin n' gino man!