Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Twighlight Zone

I was watching NOVA a couple weeks ago and they had an episode about parallel universes. But, some times I think parallel universes exist within the same universe. For example, I have empiric evidence that for every illustrator there is a musician with exact same name. Look at these examples:

David Ball vs David Ball
Chuck Pyle vs Chuck Pyle
Jonathan Colton vs Jonathan Coulton
Jeff Carter vs Jeff Carter
Ed Davenport vs Ed Davenport
Scott Franson vs Scott Franson
Mark Schultz vs Mark Schultz

Can there be any rationale explanation for this? Does your name determine your destiny? Are people with certain names driven towards creative endeavors? And why does it have to be country music of all things?!

1 comment:

Piya said...

Well, I'd love to meet my musician self. But I think meeting someone with the same name as me would be more shocking that discovering parallel universes. And don't badmouth country music!!!