Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 1

UPDATE: ALRUGO productions, found my sketch on this site! They had this to say about it:

here's a toe-jammingly spectacular comicesque incarnation of our good friend and confidant, Italian Spiderman, created by a sheer genius over at Level Six Studios. Assumedly his name is Jon Colton. His work is top-notch. Seriously good work man.

Well Alrugo, flattery will get you everywhere! This definitely makes me want to throw together another Italian Spiderman illustration. It's going to happen soon. Stay tuned!


I had previously posted the trailer for Italian Spiderman on this blog and when I saw this I had to put it up. I've encluded one of the sketches of Italian Spiderman I did when I first discovered the trailer. Having seen the first episode my regret is that I didn't include a shotgun, but that has often been my regret. Oh well, something tells me this is hardly my last drawing of I.S., I can include the shotgun next time, and the cigar, and the motorcycle and the hot babe. Hey sounds like fun!

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