Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Projekt Werwolf - CONTEST!

This was announced kind of spontaneously at ComicMonsters.com But, we are having our first contest, and it's pretty cool. To enter all you have to do is post your favorite werewolf artwork, it can be a sketch, a painting, a movie still anything wolf related. You can do it here at this blog or at the comicmonsters.com website. We will keep track of both. The deadline is January 30th, and the winner will get a piece of original artwork- a fully inked page from Projekt Werwolf.

Sounds cool? Then enter! It's as easy as posting a JPEG. I have got a couple of emails about original art entries, and that may very well be a contest a couple of months down the road, but for now it's all about your faves. Thought, I'd start things of with a few of my own.

This is a sketch by Jon Totlben that I scanned from Rough Stuff magazine- and it is gorgeous. If you aren't reading Rough Stuff, you are really missing out on the best comic art magazine today- possibly ever!

I really don't know if this is a werewolf or not, but the drawing is by Claire Wendling, the best thing to come out of France since their kiss. She is really a sensational illustrator, the more of her artwork I see, the more I like it. If anyone knows the background behind this feel free to fill me in.

This one is by local legend Art Adams. I love what he did with the pen work and the cross hatch to get the wolves fur going so much I tried it with PW on page 11 and it really DIDN'T work for me. I have no idea how he did it. It's a technique, I will have to try again. In the meantime, I'm sticking with my brush.

That's all for now, looking forward to your entries.

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