Saturday, November 17, 2007

DC Comics is taking over?

Coming out of my favorite Bay Area comic shop today, (Comicrelief in Berkeley) I noticed something peculiar. I had actually purshased more DC comics than Marvel comics. This might be the first time this has ever happened to me in my life. I grew up a Mighty Marvelite, addicted to Stan's Soapbox and just felt like a part of the Marvel community. My best friend was an X-men fan, and the other kids I knew who knew comis were into Wolverine.

I was a bit of a weirdo, and my favorite character was Hawkeye (that's right Bendis, another one of us). But, I never really cared much for any of the DC characters, I was a huge fan of the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve and later the Batman movie by Tim Burton. Of course, I didn't like Batman until about the 3rd or 4th viewing, and then I LOVED it. That's true about all Tim Burton movies with me though, and a story for another day.

So why am I buying DC now? I guess because they've done a better job in the exclusive contracts war. They've got the top talent, that I like. I think it started with the Kubert Bros. But, now it seems they've got the lions share of talent in the comic world. I mean Grant Morrison is writing Batman. How do you not pick that up? Chuck Dixon is writing Batman and the Outsiders, with art by Julian Lopez - who I must confess I was not familiar with, but his art blew me away. Gail Simone and the Dodson's on Wonder Woman- wow! And, Mark Waid and George Perez are doing the Brave and the Bold. What more could anyone ask for?!